iOS 13.4: Apple’s CarPlay now allows third-party map apps to be used with the split-screen feature

iOS 13.4: Apple’s CarPlay now allows third-party map apps to be used with the split-screen feature
Buying an iPhone has never been only about getting a new smartphone - it allows access to the Apple ecosystem. The great thing is that now we are able to connect our iOS devices to our cars as well, creating even a better seamless experience. Recently, Apple has released its iOS 13.4 and unfortunately, it doesn't have the rumored CarKey feature, which could still be included in iOS 14, but there is one car-related feature that got updated - CarPlay.

CarPlay is Apple’s interface allowing you to connect your iOS device to your car’s dashboard. The Verge reports that third-party map apps are now allowed on its split screen view. Previously, only Apple Maps could be used on a split screen with other apps (music apps for example) to help you get to your destination, while third-party apps needed the whole screen to work.

Unfortunately, even though Apple has allowed third-party apps to get access to your car’s split-screen dashboard, there is one more necessary step to be made in order for the whole thing to work. Map app developers need to specifically add support for the new feature. For now, Google Maps and Waze have reportedly not done so, therefore you will not be able to use these in the split-screen scenario.

Google has not provided information on the matter but has stated that it is committed to “exploring ways to make the in-vehicle experience more seamless.”

Another feature added by iOS 13.4 to CarPlay is in-call information that will appear on the dashboard, but unfortunately for now this concludes the list of updates that the CarPlay dashboard has received with the new iOS version.


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