iOS 11 on the iPhone X removes the Reachability option for one-handed use

When it comes to big screens, Apple has mostly played it conservatively: even its largest screen ever isn't nearly as big as, say, the Galaxy Note 8. But even before this, iOS had possibly the best solution to the problem of being unable to reach the very top of the screen when using your device with one hand: Reachability. Just tap (not press) the home button twice, and the entire screen will shift down by half the screen height until you tap on something.

But wait, you might be thinking, what about the new iPhone X which doesn't have a home button? Well I'm glad you asked, dear reader — it's getting the axe.

Or at least that's what developer Guilherme Rambo (a.k.a. one of the two people who dived into the leaked firmware and brought us most of the pre-announcement info about the X) seems to think, based on evidence from the iOS 11 beta:

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