Humane’s first product wants to replace your phone with the future itself

Humane’s first product wants to replace your phone with the future itself
Humane is a very interesting company. Well, most would call it a project, because despite their brilliant marketing and engaging presentation, they had little to show for… Until now. And what they revealed at TED 2023 feels like a snapshot from the future.

The device’s name hasn't been coined yet, so we’ll follow 9to5Google’s example and call it the Humane device. It's not a phone, it is smaller than one, but it will aim to replace yours entirely. And Star Trek fans may be first in line when it launches, because of its design and feature-set. 

Allegedly, it runs on Android and it may be powered by a Qualcomm chip, though that hasn’t been officialized yet. It was presented by company founder Imran Chaudhri, who some of you may know as one of the guys behind the first iPhone.

What is the Humane device capable of?

During the presentation, Chaudhri had the wearable positioned in a custom-made breast pocket. By the look of things, the device will need to be peeking out of your pocket in order to be utilized properly. Why?

Well, in order for it to use its built-in screen projector to display a virtual display in the palm of your hand, of course.

During the showcase, the device was confirmed to have a world-facing camera, which enabled it for on-the-spot live translations. It is also capable of voice commands and users are able to tell it that it’s time to listen up via a tap on it, through their pocket. If it is listening, you’ll be able to tell through a yellow indicator light.

So what else can it do? When will it launch? Will it be publicly available soon? We don’t know! What we do know is that if you are impressed as much as we are, you can join the waitlist here, while we all wait for more news about the Humane device. Teasers showcased a cryptic "2023", which is here now, so maybe we'll find out more soon. 

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