Know your sports trivia? Starting Sunday May 10th you can win some cash twice a week

Know your sports trivia? Starting Sunday May 10th you can win some cash twice a week
HQ Trivia had its 15 minutes of fame in 2018 when the game started drawing large numbers of players who had downloaded the app in an attempt to win small cash prizes. Each game consisted of 12 questions and those who had answered every question correctly would split that evening's cash prize. The problem was that outside of some special events, the prize money was too small after being split up among the multiple winners.

HQ Sports returns Sunday at 5 pm EDT with a $2,500 cash prize

Eventually, too many players dropped out as they didn't want to participate in a trivia contest where the payout was minimal at best. Each question was presented with three possible answers and participants were given 10 seconds to pick the correct one. A wrong answer eliminated a player from that particular game although more lives could be bought as an in-app purchase.

Earlier this year a sale to an "an established business" fell through at the last moment and it appeared as though we had heard the very last of HQ. But as the coronavirus pandemic started to take hold in the U.S., the trivia games returned thanks to an anonymous investor. Participation is up 50% thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. When the games ended in February, about 80,000 people were playing each game and that figure is now up to 120,000.
Bloomberg reports that HQ Trivia will team up with Anheuser-Busch InBev NV’s Busch beer brand and the popular HQ Sports trivia contests will return starting this Sunday, May 10th, at 5 pm EDT with $2,500 up for grabs. Games will take place every Thursday and Sunday evenings. HQ co-founder Rus Yusupov said, "With this void now that people are feeling without live sports, we can bring sports fans together. We think we can really provide an enriching experience around this passion point. Yusupov said that HQ Sports was always one of the more popular HQ offerings with its own base of players.

Do you know who gave up Hank Aaron's 715th home run? Can you remember former New York Knick great Willis Reed's uniform number or the MVP of Super Bowl III? If you know the answers to these questions, perhaps you'll have a chance to win some cash. First, you'll have to download the HQ Trivia app. Sure, you probably uninstalled it months ago. If you're using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you can install the app right here. Those using Android can download the app from this link.

Can HQ Trivia rebuild its base to the peak levels of 2018? Back then the concept felt fresh, exciting, and new. It's going to be an uphill battle and it will once again depend on the size of the prizes. Today at 9 pm EDT you can participate in a general trivia contest offering a $5,000 cash prize that will be split among the winners. There is also a free Daily Challenge that allows to you to try and correctly answer 12 trivia questions in exchange for coins. Even if you answer a question incorrectly you can keep playing until you've gone through all of the questions. When you answer a question incorrectly, you have to watch an ad before the next question appears. The coins you win can be used to buy extra lives during an HQ Trivia session which allows you to keep playing even after selecting an incorrect answer. If you buy an eraser, one of the two wrong answers to a question will be removed. That drops the odds of getting a question wrong from 67% to 50%.

Have time to kill? Tired of watching television all day? Why not give HQ Trivia another shot. At best, you'll earn a few bucks (something everyone can use these days). And if you don't win, at least you'll kill some time.

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