How to let someone borrow your AirTag or AirTag-equipped item

How to give your AirTag to someone else
Apple’s AirTags are convenient little trackers that may quickly find their way attached to people’s valuable items.

But what do you do when a friend or family member wants to borrow your AirTagged item? It could be the car keys with an AirTag on the keychain, or a friend might ask to borrow an AirTag for their upcoming camping trip.

How to let someone else use your AirTag item

Unfortunately, AirTags are meant as a one-person item. Once a tag is registered to your account, you can’t add it to family sharing or any other type of group. So, here’s what’s going to happen once an AirTag is away from you:

If the person who borrowed your item has an iPhone, they will receive a notification that there is an AirTag traveling with them about 5 hours after they take the item. They can just open the notification and let the Find My app know that it shouldn’t alert them for this specific AirTag. Just make sure to let them know this might happen.

If they do not own an iPhone, the AirTag will start making chirping noises when being moved after 3 days of being away from you and your Apple devices.

So, for short periods, it shouldn't be a big deal. Now, there are some scenarios where you might want to lend your item or AirTag for longer periods. Or even let the person use the AirTag tracking features. Well then, off we go to chapter two:

How to lend or sell an AirTag

If somebody wishes to borrow your AirTag for a prolonged period of time, and you want the person using it to be able to pair to the AirTag and track the item themselves, you need to completely unregister it from your account and give it to them. They need to pair it with their own iPhone so they can keep track of the item while it’s in their possession.

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