How to pair and unpair Apple AirTags

How to pair and unpair Apple AirTags
Apple’s AirTags are a brand-new accessory that’s surely about to become a hot commodity. They are tiny, they are useful, and they come at a fair price, considering the tracking tag competition.

Of course, Apple is entirely focused on its own ecosystem, so if you want to use an AirTag, you need to have an iPhone or — at the very least — iPad. Here’s how to pair and register your brand-new AirTag.

How to pair AirTag to iPhone and iPad

Pairing AirTags is as simple as can be. First, make sure to unwrap and pull the plastic tab out of the AirTag — that makes sure that the battery hits its contact points and the AirTag is turned on. You should hear a single chirp sound to confirm that the AirTag is operational.

If you are pairing an old AirTag and you are not sure if it has any battery left — make sure you put a fresh 2032 cell in there.

Second, just bring the AirTag next to the iPhone. You may need to wait a couple of seconds, but you should get a pop-up almost immediately. Just like new AirPods instantly connect to your iPhone or iPad, the AirTag will be quickly registered.

After that, you just pick a name for your new AirTag — either go with one of the suggested items from the list (keys, wallet, suitcase, etc.) or enter a custom name by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the list.

If you still can’t pair the AirTag for whatever reason, and you are sure it has a fresh battery and is supposed to be operational — then, is it possible it’s an old AirTag that’s still registered to its previous owner’s iCloud? Did a friend give it to you to borrow?

How to unpair AirTag from your account

One an AirTag is registered to your iCloud, it will remain yours no matter what — even if somebody takes out the battery, waits a year, and puts it back in.

The only way to unpair your AirTag is to do it yourself, from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Go into the Find My app
  • Tap on Items
  • Choose the AirTag you wish to de-register
  • Pull the card up to get all the options
  • Look for “Remove Item” at the very bottom

Confirm and be done with it. You are now free to sell the AirTag off or let a friend borrow it.

Can you pair AirTag to MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro?

Unfortunately, no. AirTags are strictly limited to working with Apple's mobile devices. More accurately — iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch (7th gen) as long as they are updated to iOS 14.5.1 or iPadOS 14.5.1.

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