Google’s AI Bard gets an Updates page so you can track its progress

Google’s AI Bard gets an Updates page so you can track its progress
At this point, it is pretty clear that AI is going to be playing a larger part in our lives moving forward. Ever since ChatGPT went public — and viral — the “branded” AI competition jumped into action to showcase what they’ve got. And of course, Google has its own alternative called Bard.

Bard is currently labeled as an “experiment by Google” and as such, is not openly available for the public. Despite that, numerous individuals have gone online in order to praise Bard for its capabilities, which have a creative edge that other AI models can’t boast with. As in, Bard can not only make a song, but one that sounds good.

As such, it's only natural for everyone to be extra-curious about Google’s AI. While getting first-hand impressions from influencers online is great, it's totally different when the info is coming straight from the source. Hence: Google made an Updates page available.

Typically, this is the part where we’d explain what that means, but in this case: it is quite literal. It is a page, where all updates to the way Bard works would go. That includes bug fixes, improvements and the introduction of new features, all in two simple statements: a What and a Why.

While this is unlikely to satiate the appetites of all of us, itching to try out Bard ourselves, it is still a cool look into what is cooking. Speaking of which, the “Google it” command has been expanded to showcase several options, which can take users online for further research. Not only that, but Bard is now stated to be better suited for math-related and logical queries. Neat!

Overall, the Experiment Updates page — with the experiment being Bard — is a TL;DR of an update log, which is bound to spark some curiosity. It will be extra-interesting when the novelty of AI has passed us by, as then we wouldn’t have so many people talking about AI online. 

But hey — let’s hope that we’ve gotten access to Bard by then!

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