Google makes it easier for kids to buy stuff on Google Play

Google makes it easier for kids to buy stuff on Google Play
Google is rolling out a new feature called Purchase Requests, which will allow kids to purchase apps even if there’s no Family Payment set up in their virtual household. The new payment method works through the Family Manager feature. If a kid wants to buy an app on Google Play, they can send a Purchase Request directly to the Family Manager.

The person in charge can then review the request, evaluating the important information about the app or in-app purchase and complete it using payment methods set up locally on their device: credit or debit cards, Google gift cards, etc.

The notification about these Purchase Requests is sent in real time to the Family Managers, and they could decide to either deal with them right away or let them wait their turn in a virtual queue.

The completed purchase will be saved in the Order History, just like a Family Payment purchase, and the happy child will receive a confirmation email on their Google account notifying them that they can have their fun.

This new Purchase Request feature works for paid apps on Google Play, as well as in-app purchases, so your kid can get that Fortnite skin and brag in front of other nerds about it. At the moment, this doesn’t work for Google Play Books, Google TV, or subscription services. The new feature is currently rolling out, and you should be able to see it in the Family Link purchase approval settings.

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