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Successful restaurant owner says his Google Pixel is the secret ingredient

Successful restaurant owner says his Google Pixel is the secret ingredient
Last month we showed you a couple of Google's new "True Pixel Story" promotional videos. One showed how the Pixel's "Car Crash Detection" feature worked in real life to summon help following a car accident. If a Pixel 3 or later detects a car accident, it will vibrate, ring loudly, verbally ask if you're okay and repeat that question on the screen.

If the Pixel doesn't get a response within 30 seconds, it turns on its speakerphones and calls emergency services. The call includes a message indicating that there has been an accident and gives the location where it occurred.

The second video was about a deaf man who was not able to make a phone call to his son until the age of 55 when he used the Pixel's Live Caption feature to do so. Live Caption generates real-time captions from the words spoken on both sides of a phone call.

Today, Google released the latest True Pixel Story about a man named Matt who was working as a teacher in Japan when his Dad called. He had just lost his job and wanted to open a BBQ restaurant in California. Matt decided to help him despite not knowing anything about running a business.

Matt' says that his Google Pixel takes a lot of pressure off of him. He uses it to control the lights inside the restaurant, it acts as the DJ for the eatery and also announces order numbers when they are ready to be picked up by the diners. His Pixel also acts as the restaurant's security camera. Speaking of the Pixel's cameras, he says that they are so good that he uses them for all of his restaurant's picture-taking needs.

The restaurant's motto is food makes friends. "It's kinda like hanging out at a friend's house having a barbecue and my Google Pixel is the secret ingredient," he says.

We expect to see the Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 Pro unveiled sometime during the fourth quarter of this year. The former is expected to carry a 6.4-inch flat screen while the latter will sport a 6.7-inch curved screen. We could see both models powered by Google's own chipset.

There is speculation that the Pixel 6 line will include an in-display fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers, and wireless charging.
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