Deal alert: grab a Google Pixel 2 128 GB for $170 off (new, unpacked)

Deal alert: grab a Google Pixel 2 128 GB for $170 off (new, unpacked)

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Google's Pixels are probably the best phones you can get if you want to get the pure Android experience, the way Google intended it to feel. They have top-notch hardware, amazing cameras, the latest updates straight from Google, and will often get special services before they become available to other Android phone slingers. But they are quite pricey, too. You can call them the "iPhone of Android" because they are pretty much the equivalent of Apple's devices — both the hardware and the software is engineered by the same company.

Landing a Pixel 2 is a pretty sweet deal. They are fast, feel premium, and are great all-around smartphones. To top it off, Google promises three years of major Android updates for them, meaning that the Pixel 2 will be upgraded all the way to Android 11, so the future-proofing is there. You can find them in two storage variants — 64 GB and 128 GB, with the respective price tags of $650 and $750.

Well, in case you are a storage-hungry person, we've got a deal for you here! Over at eBay, you can grab a 128 GB Pixel 2 in Black for $579.99. That's $170 less than the same model over at the Google Store and still $70 less than the cost of a 64 GB unit, leaving you a nice amount of money for some cases or accessories. The device in question is in new condition, but comes without a retail box. Check it out!


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