Google Maps passes 10 billion downloads milestone on the Play Store

Google Maps app passes 10 billion downloads milestone on Play Store
Google Maps, the mobile app that's number 1 in navigation, has now reached the important milestone of 10 billion Play Store downloads, reports 9to5Google. With its accuracy and feature set, the app is one of the best mapping services available, no matter what mobile operating system you are using.

Google Maps has been downloaded 10 billion times from the Play Store

On top of the nice feature set and unbeatable accuracy, the Google Maps app is a free app, which makes it an absolute must-have. Now, it has joined the small number of apps that have reached 10 billion downloads on the Google Play Store: among these apps are also Google Play Services and the YouTube app.

Google Maps comes pre-installed as a part of Google Mobile Services on Android phones, but that doesn't account for all the downloads the app has registered on the Play Store. On the other hand, for Android Go-powered smartphones with very low-end hardware, Google also has "Maps Go" which is a slimmed-down version of the Maps app, and uses the Chrome browser to provide navigation. This app has reached 500 million downloads.

Google Maps improvements and new features

The service is constantly improving and adding new features. Recently, we reported on the fact that phones running Android 12 have now gotten the Google Maps widget which now matches the new operating system theme Material You and features Dynamic Color. Dynamic Color allows elements of the widget and apps in general to match the predominant colors of your chosen wallpaper, and can therefore ensure a more visually pleasing and consistent look across Android 12.

The new Google Maps widget also got home-screen navigation shortcuts as a part of Android 12. The new widget has gotten some useful shortcuts that will help you navigate to your favorite destinations. It can offer shortcuts to home, work, restaurants, and gas stations, and how many shortcuts you can fit in depends on the size of the widget that you have chosen. If it's a bigger one, you can also have grocery stores, coffee shops, hotels, and takeout restaurants.

But it's not just the widget that's been getting upgrade love from Google. The app itself is now sporting a new eco-friendly feature for its navigation and will now be able to guide you to the roads that have you use less fuel. The way this is achieved is by using the data related to road grades, traffic flow, distance, and maps. If you have the new feature on your Android or iOS phone, you'll see a green and white leaf icon next to your estimated driving time in the Maps app.

Google uses information obtained from the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and throws in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to come up with these eco-friendly routes.

Another helpful feature the tech giant is implementing is the possibility to have an aerial view of wildfires and tree coverage in Google Maps. The wildfire layer that the app would be getting will provide real-time updates on multiple fires at the same time.

This way, if you're in a wildfire-affected area, you can get immediate access to resources and assistance from local authorities by tapping on a red mark in the app that indicates the occurrence of a fire.

Additionally, the tech giant has collaborated with the National Interagency Fire Center in the US so the app can display different types of fires. In the coming months, this capability will also be brought to Australia and other countries.

Last but not least, a feature is currently in the works that would display information about the prices for tolls on bridges, roads, and any other extra expense when you travel. This way you would be able to choose the fastest road or the least expensive one in terms of tolls.
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