Poll results: almost half of us trust our future AI Overlords

Google demonstrated a new Google Assistant feature recently, putting all other voice assistants to shame while simultaneously dazzling and scaring the audience at the same time. We are talking about Duplex — the Assistant's ability to converse with human beings naturally, without tipping them off that it's actually a computer program.

At the Google demo, we saw the AI call in to make an appointment at a hair salon. Some are happy that the feature would take care of calls to strangers for them... other are worried about the ethics and future exploitability made possible by Duplex.

We thought we'd ask you — which camp are you in? Would you happily have the Assistant take care of trivial calls for you, or would you rather stay away from using creepy robot technology? As the results show, 40% are ready for their Assistant to actually act like a secretary... 60% aren't yet sure they want this in their life.

Google Duplex - would you use it?

I'd use it for every appointment!
I'll try it out, sure, but no way I am relying on AI
I'm not touching it with a stick!
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