Exciting feature being pushed out by Google now for iOS and Android makes the world smaller

Exciting feature being pushed out by Google now for iOS and Android makes the world smaller
Politicians, sports stars, and executives hire translators to help them engage in conversations that are not conducted in their native tongue. Currently, Google's smart speakers and smart displays offer an Interpreter Mode through Google Assistant; with this mode enabled, users can have a real back and forth conversation with someone who normally they wouldn't be able to understand and who normally wouldn't be able to understand them.

Google announced that starting today, it is rolling out Interpreter Mode on Android and iOS handsets that have Google Assistant enabled. To use this new feature, you can tell Assistant "Hey Google, be my German translator" or "Hey Google, help me speak Spanish" and the translated conversation will be heard and seen on your phone. With smart replies, responding to translated conversations can be quick and easy. Currently, Interpreter Mode will translate 44 different languages. And with all of the travel that this holiday season brings, it would appear that Google is pushing this out at just the right time.

We can report that Interpreter Mode is now available on our Pixel 2 XL running Android 10. You can see if it has hit your Android handset or Assistant-enabled iPhone by activating the mode using the aforementioned directions. Note that there are tabs at the bottom right of the screen that allow you to use your phone's keyboard to type out a statement or question in your native language or a foreign language and make the proper translation.

Google's Interpreter Mode is another example of how mobile technology is helping to bring everyone together by allowing people from different areas of the world to better understand each other.

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