Google brings Duo back as a shortcut to its video chat and conferencing app

Google brings Duo back as a shortcut to its video chat and conferencing app
Google, as you might already know, planned on moving its free video chat app Duo and its Meet video conferencing app into one mobile app called Meet. The wheels were finally set in motion when Google issued an update moving Meet features to the Duo app. Another update, this one with a staggered release, changed the icon and the name of the Duo app to Meet.

The original Meet app was scheduled to be removed, but until that happens, Google gave it the new name of Meet (Original). So Android users had the Meet app (the former Duo app combined with Meet features) and the Meet (Original) apps on their phones. We haven't seen such a fuss about the word "Meet" since "Meet the Beatles" was released in the states back in January 1964.

But as usual, when something new is introduced, some people didn't like the changes and complained to Google. So the company brought back the Duo name and icon leaving users with three apps instead of two: the Duo app (Duo and Meet combined), the Meet app (ahem, Duo and Meet combined), and the Meet (Original) app which is self-explanatory.

Does Google have a rational explanation for what is going on? The company told 9to5Google that it brought back the Duo name and icon to help people who search for Duo find the app. That would suggest that after a period of time, the Duo name and icon (which is actually now a shortcut to the Meet app) will disappear forever. If you mosey over to the Google Play Store and search for Duo, the listing will show up but it only mentions Duo features (such as the ability to have a group video chat with up to 32 users).

If you've already installed Duo on your phone, when you hit the "Open" button on the Play Store listing, you are taken to Meet which includes your contacts under the heading "Connect on Meet." If you go to the Play Store and search for Meet, you see the listing for Meet (Original). Yet, when you go to the app drawer and tap Duo or Meet, you end up on the same page. Tap on Meet (Original) and you get Meet only. Got it?

So what Google has done makes things as clear as the Hudson River. Eventually, there should be just one Meet app that will allow you to make video chats and create video conferences depending on your needs. The Hudson, we're afraid, will remain murky.

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