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Google Assistant gets better at suggesting recipes

Google Assistant is about to get a whole lot better at suggesting and presenting/narrating recipes for users. Google recently updated its data surfacing algorithms, which caused a bit of trouble when it came suggesting recipes. Without any technical mumbo-jumbo, Google has now updated its developer documentation to reflect the changes, in a bid to make Google Assistant better at offering users culinary help.

What this means for users, is that they will be able to get more useful information on the dish and its ingredients, as well as related videos or guides, just by asking Google Assistant. This ties in with the company's plans to make video a huge part of the Google Home and Assistant experiences and its broader push to enhance existing services with richer media.

Google has a handful of big names on board, including Sony, Lenovo, and JBL, that are releasing their own Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers with displays. The internet search giant is reportedly in the process of pitching brands the idea for short "how-to" videos that Google Assistant will be able to pull up when a user asks for instructions on how to do something. This would make a lot of sense for recipes, especially if Assistant-enabled smart displays manage to make their way to enough kitchen countertops. 

According to an inside source, Google has no plans of monetizing these videos early on, but such content would be otherwise rife for monetization. For example, a food brand could start making how-to cooking videos, which could potentially be monetized in a YouTube-style way. However, Google has no intentions of making money from this endeavor for the time being and is expected to showcase the feature at Google I/O, this May.

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