Google Assistant may soon start recognizing your face, just as it does your voice

Google Assistant mqy soon start recognizing your face, just as it does your voice
Google may roll out a face authentication system in Assistant to complement Voice Match. Evidence for this was found in the latest beta version of the Google App, with lines of code referencing a new feature called Face Match (via Android Police).

Unfortunately, no detailed description of the system exists, though going from its name alone, the logical assumption would be that it will serve as yet another way for Google Assistant to recognize you. Just like with Voice Match, users may be able to "tech" Assistant to recognize their visage and use this to surface custom-tailored content or authenticate various actions on a number of connected devices.

The uncovered code in the latest Google App beta suggests that the functionality won't be limited on a per-devices basis, but rather users will be able to enroll multiple devices on which Assistant will be able to recognize them. The system may even allow for multiple people to use Face Match under the same Google Account. Of course, to take advantage of this functionality, you'd need a camera-enabled device in the first place, which means virtually any phone or tablet out there, but not Google Home Hub, which doesn't have a camera.

It's currently unclear when (or if) Face Match is going to roll out to Assistant, though Google is evidently toying with the concept. The feature has likely been in the making for some time now, and may remains so for who-knows-how-long, given the many security concerns that it's introduction could raise.
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