So, what do you think of these new Galaxy S11 renders?

So, what do you think of these new Galaxy S11 renders?
Hey, it’s 2019 and leak culture is going strong. Nowadays, it’s pretty normal that we would know how a device would look some months before its official unveiling. Which is why nobody is surprised when new renders of the yet-unannounced Galaxy S11 pop up, with the leaker claiming that “this will be it”.

But the recent Galaxy S11 leaks have thrown the community in a bit of a panic… a camera module that looks a bit too bizzare, even by 2019 standards — which is saying something — has the community divided. Some say the leakster got it wrong, which is entirely possible, eventhough their track record has been pretty good for the past couple of years. Others are preparing to swallow the “it’s not so bad when you see it in person” pill.

In any case… what do you think of this leaked Galaxy S11 design?

What do you think of the leaked Galaxy S11 design?

Please... let that not be it!
I... guess I could live with it?
Looks interesting to me! Bring on the fresh and experimental looks

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