Would you buy a Galaxy S10 in 2020?

Would you buy a Galaxy S10 in 2020?
When Samsung announced the Galaxy S20 phones it also proclaimed that it will be keeping the S10 line in rotation. With a significant price drop, the trio now costs as follows — the Galaxy S10e is $599.99, the Galaxy S10 starts from $749.99, and the Galaxy S10+ from $849.99. The question is... will people actually jump on this?

The S10 phones are still pretty great. They may be 2019 models but that doesn't change the fact that they are still quite powerful, have great cameras, and a design that is still very much in style. They will also get at least another major Android upgrade and still get security patches monthly. Cool, OK.

But still. The Galaxy S10e wasn't really a hit with the audiences even when it was new. The S10 and S10+ are nice phones, but is Samsung asking a bit too much for them? The latest-generation iPhone 11 starts at $699.99, and on the Android side we've got no-frills competitors like OnePlus growing bigger and more prominent every month. Not to mention the second hand and refurbished market, which is flooded with bargain-priced Galaxy S10 units by now.

With all that, would you spend money on a full price Galaxy S10 (any variant) in 2020?

Would you buy a Galaxy S10 in 2020 for the full Samsung price?

No, that's nuts!
Sure, it's a perfectly good, brand-new Samsung phone!


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