A flexible phone that goes on your wrist (kind of): Motorola shows proof of concept at MWC

A flexible phone that goes on your wrist (kind of): Motorola shows proof of concept at MWC
One of the first phones that had the ability to bend and fold was called the Royole FlexPai, showcased by the rather unknown company Royale at the 2019 edition of CES. It was a product which provoked excitement in tech enthusiasts, with flaws so immediately obvious that said excitement died out in a matter of minutes.

That being said, the Royale FlexPai gave us a glimpse into what foldable phones could offer in the future, such as the Galaxy Z Folds and OnePlus Opens of today. Well, now we have a similar story to that of the FlexPai, with a concept phone from Motorola, which the company showcased at MWC (mobile world congress) in Barcelona.

The popular manufacturer that has given us some of the more iconic foldable phones, such as its latest Motorola Razr and Motorola Razr Plus from 2023, is working to develop a device which might one day function as both a phone and a smartwatch at the same time.

Motorola is calling this device Motorola Adaptive Display, although this is more of a name for the functionality of the bending screen than anything else. Check out these shots we took of Motorola's latest concept phone!

As you can probably notice yourself, the back panel is made out of a soft mesh to make "wearing" the phone more comfortable for the user. Check out this short presentation with a Motorola representative showing how the phone bends.

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The presenter is wearing a small band around the wrist, which presumably has magnets in the flat pieces situated at the top and bottom helping the phone stay in place when its being worn.

But Motorola has done much more than just make this phone bend so it fits on your wrist, the Motorola Adaptive Display already makes use of its special powers by offering a the same level of functionality you get from a Motorola Razr Plus' cover display, allowing you to control several features and apps while it is bendt around your hand.

The level at which this concept phone can bend is rather limited and it is a bit tough to twist and operate on at the moment, but keep in mind that we are talking about a concept here. 

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