Be glad that this is not your 5G iPhone 13 Pro

Be glad that this is not your 5G iPhone 13 Pro
The Apple iPhone 13 series was just officially released on Friday. Already, we have a sighting of the first shattered iPhone of the season. Twitter tipster Ben Geskin tweeted the image of an iPhone 13 Pro with the rear glass severely shattered. While the rear panel uses Gorilla Glass, the phone must have suffered quite a drop to end up looking the way it does in the photo.

The first shattered iPhone 13 Pro of the season appears on social media

You can make out the round magnet used with the MagSafe line of accessories as it pushes out against the back panel-now destroyed-and some of the insides of the phone can be viewed. Geskin did not say whether the phone is his but our heart goes out to whoever dropped his new iPhone 13 Pro on the first day it arrived. This is a great advertisement for case manufacturers and while no one likes to cover up the new phone he/she purchased, a case is the most important accessory that you can buy.

Frankly, this writer used to stay away from cases but after purchasing the Pixel 2 XL a few years ago, the purchase of a case came shortly thereafter. And when yours truly purchased an iPhone 11 Pro Max, buying a case for the device was considered a top priority. Truthfully, the cases that were used on those two phones, prevented serious damage from occurring on multiple occasions and both devices look pristine.

Apple last year added the Ceramic Shield which was birthed out of a partnership between Apple and Corning and Apple claims that it is four times tougher than the previous glass used on the iPhone. But that is for the front of the device and does not cover the rear panel. Unfortunately. Apple created a couple of television ads for the Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12, both of which were eventually shown on network television.

Apple lowers the cost of repairing a shattered back panel for AppleCare+ subscribers

Actually, the owner of the shattered phone is lucky. Yeah, that felt as odd to type as it is to read. But the price to repair a shattered iPhone back screen with AppleCare+ has declined from $99 to only $29 so even if he can't convince Apple that his phone shipped this way, having the damage repaired won't mean having to eat Ramen soup for a month as long as the insurance plan was purchased.

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Since this image popped up just one day after the phone was released, it reminded us of poor Jack. He was the kid who was first on line in Perth Australia to buy an iPhone 6. We could feel the pride coming off of the kid as he probably saved his money for months to be able to afford the latest iPhone model. When he came out of the Apple Store with the box in his hand, he immediately was greeted by a television reporter who was questioning him on live television.

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The reporter convinced the kid to open the box in front of the television audience. Whether it was nerves or from being rushed to open the box, as soon as the top lid was removed, the phone slid out of the box and hit the pavement below. The reporter had to turn her back from the camera to hide the fact that she was laughing about the incident that she was responsible for creating.

In the end, it appeared that Jack and his iPhone 6 were none the worse for wear. As for the iPhone 13 Pro that Geskin tweeted about, we surely can't say the same thing. We want to leave you with this advice: you wouldn't walk around naked, why should your new iPhone do so. Purchase a case for your new iPhone and if you feel ambitious, you might add AppleCare+.

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