Nokia just broke the world's 5G download speed record in Dallas

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Verizon's mmWave 5G network may be the fastest commercially available 5G coverage in the US due to its exclusive high-bands utilization, but even at preset scenarios its speeds can't match what Nokia just achieved with its 5G equipment down in Dallas, Texas.

Say you take out and fire up a download speed test on your Galaxy S20 Ultra around Bridgewater, New Jersey? The results? Well, bordering on 1.8Gbps, as you can see in Verizon's snapshot below. How much faster can you go?

Nokia sets a 5G download speed record

When the cat is not around, the mice start dancing, and by cat we mean Huawei's 5G equipment, and by mice we mean Nokia or Ericsson's 5G base stations. 

While Huawei holds the lion's share of the world's 5G patents, and offers unbeatable 5G carrier equipment for the money, it walked right into a geopolitical buzzsaw last year, and as a result the carriers limited options are now mostly Nokia or Ericsson equipment.

They shouldn't fret, though, as the government may foot the bill for the price difference between Huawei's and the more expensive 5G network equipment, while Nokia just clocked the whopping 4.7 Gbps down there in Dallas. That's the world’s fastest 5G speed on an over-the-air network, utilizing 800 MHz of commercial millimeter wave 5G spectrum. How did Nokia do it?

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All that technical jargon means one thing - 5G will be delivering on its promises, and those blazing speeds and low latency we were primed to expect, may become a reality sooner than expected.

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