Fast Company sends inappropriately shocking notifications to its Apple News readers

Fast Company sends inappropriately shocking notifications to its Apple News readers
Imagine the following situation: You are relaxing at home, watching Netflix, and suddenly you receive a notification on your iPhone. You pick up your device and see something you have never seen before: a message from one of the media outlets you follow on Apple News saying something very inappropriate, disgusting, and something that we can't even say here on PhoneArena. The chances of such a thing happening are very slim, yes? Well, yeah, we agree with you. However, it just happened.

Many Apple News users shared on Twitter that they had received a notification sent by the American business magazine Fast Company with exactly such inappropriate text. The message ends with "Thrax was here," indicating that this is actually a hacker who somehow managed to hijack Fast Company's access to Apple News and send these disturbing notifications to all followers of the magazine.

Now, don't panic. The attack does not appear to have compromised Apple's service in any way, since the notifications come from only one magazine. Furthermore, after the attack, Apple News issued a statement on Twitter, acknowledging that Fast Company was hacked and stating that it has disabled its channel on its app.

If you haven't received such a notification from Fast Company and you want to see it, you can just search for it on Twitter. Although Apple doesn't inspect the messages its Apple News partners send to their readers, it would probably be a great idea to start doing so just to prevent such things from happening again.

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