The eBay mobile app now lets sellers scan their trading cards

The eBay mobile app now lets sellers scan their trading cards
eBay is a heaven on earth for collectors, but if you plan to sell your trading cards, the experience can be hell, especially if you have a lot to list. The folks at eBay have acknowledged this annoying issue and decided to add a nifty feature to the mobile app.

Starting this month, eBay customers using either Android or iOS devices will be able to scan their trading cards before putting them on sale. At first, the new selling tool implemented in the app will support Magic The Gathering cards, but it will soon expand to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! in May, followed by sports trading cards and other collective card games later this year.

To start scanning your cards, simply open the eBay app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and type the name of the game (i.e. Magic The Gathering). Select “Tap to search with your camera” and point your phone's camera at the card to scan its image. A list of possible matches will show up on your phone, so make sure to choose the correct one to add to your listing.

You can add not just photos, but additional details like card condition, price, and shipping to complete your listing. According to eBay, the new changes will be available in April, so check back again if it's not available right away.


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