Americans should be glad that Google Assistant's "Do Nothing" mode is not available in the states

Americans should be glad that Google Assistant's "Do Nothing" mode is not available in the states
We've often pointed out how Google Assistant is the best of the virtual digital helpers. Unlike Siri, which often refers users to a webpage to get the answer to a question, Google Assistant will many times directly post the answer to a query. Ironically, you'll see this in action often when asking a question about an Apple device. In addition, Siri seems to have a big problem trying to understand some of the questions it is being asked.

According to AndroidPolice there is a new "Do Nothing" mode that does, well, nothing. Unfortunately though, most of you will not be able to see Google Assistant "Do Nothing" because the feature was developed in conjunction with Cadbury's 5 Star, a chocolate bar offered in limited markets including India. To activate the "Do Nothing" mode, you can say "Eat a 5 Star" in one of the markets that support the feature. Once the "Do Nothing" mode is activated, Google Assistant says, "I feel like doing nothing now. And I’m going to help you chill too. Ask me anything."

The responses that come forth from Google Assistant in "Do Nothing" mode are equal parts funny and equal parts useless. For example, in this mode if you ask Google Assistant "Egg-first or Chicken?," the response will be "Depends on which one you ordered first." Not exactly an answer that will elicit a chuckle or two, but that is kind of the point. Ask for the nearest salon and you might get a response from Google Assistant that says, "You're in luck. Bushy eyebrows, hairy armpits and no makeup selfies are in fashion." Ask about the weather, and Google Assistant will say, " if you're going to step out."

After perusing some of these jokes, perhaps it is just as well that the Google Assistant "Do Nothing" mode cannot be activated in the states.


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