So, did you #deletefacebook?

So, did you #deletefacebook?
Facebook is in a bit of a pickle over a new data-siphoning scandal. Long story short — one of these fun little poll apps that asks for access to your Facebook profile wasn't so innocent and a company that specializes in advising politicians used it to gather tons of data. Oopsie.

There's outrage, there's a #deletefacebook hashtag trending on Twitter (the irony), and lots of big names are calling out the social network, including the co-founder of WhatsApp, which is a bit weird given that he sold his company to the Zuck Empire.

Anyway, we all know how far outrage and scandals go nowadays. Have you made the decision to delete your Facebook profile for good?

Did you delete your Facebook?

Nah. Business as usual
No, but I will be extra-careful what I upload to that platform in the future
Deactivated my account, I'll decide if I want to get back to it later
Deleted and nuked! I am done!


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