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10 best RPG games for Android and iOS


These days, smartphones are getting increasingly better at playing games. You can go through a presentation of a new phone without seeing something about the great gaming experience it provides. And although mobile games still carry a certain stigma, there are some quality ones that are worth checking out.

If you're here, that means you're trying to find these rare good games. Having a hard time picking one because there are so many of them? Well, we've been collecting great games from different genres for a while now, you can find some of our previous compilations below. Chances are, there will be more than one that will fit your taste, so make sure to check them out.

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Today, however, we round up the 10 best role-playing games for Android and iOS. Our goal was to cover a wide range of RPGs, from serious to goofy, so you can pick the ones that suit you best. We trust you won't be disappointed! 


Let’s get right right into it with the first game, AnimA, a game for those that can’t wait for Diablo: Immortal to come out. It feels very similar: dark, gloomy levels, gothic architecture and all sorts of wicked enemies.

You start with barely anything and fight your way to new skills, stronger armor and powerful weapons, just the way it should be. The game looks and sounds great and if you’re looking to scratch your Diablo itch on a mobile phone, there’s no better way to do it right now.

RAID Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends is a hero collector turn-based RPG where you collect heroes, build them up, equip them with all sorts of awesome weapons and armor, and go into epic battles against other players, bosses, campaign mode, all sorts of challenges. And it’s available on both mobile and PC! You can fight on your own, or in a clan, but what keeps ME playing is the huge Raid community.

The game has over 25 million downloads and over a million people that play it every single day. With tons of tips and tutorials on YouTube, Discord, Twitch and Reddit, if you need help, you will surely find an answer to your questions on every platform.

To get going with Raid we have a special offer for new players with an exclusive welcome pack, check out the video above to find out all about it!

Eternity Legends

We’re starting with something more casual. Eternity Legends is a very straightforward game, both literally and figuratively. The levels are linear and don’t offer much room to roam around so you can focus on fighting the enemies that must be killed before you can move on. You have your basic attack and three abilities with a cooldown. As expected, you can unlock different heroes and upgrades throughout the game and become more powerful as you grind on. There are different game modes you can choose from, including the Global Boss mode which puts you in a party with other players to face a challenging enemy.

Eternity Legends has pleasant, colorful graphics that make it a joy to look at without it being too demanding on your phone.

Trial of Fate

Anime-style design is quite popular among mobile RPG games, so it’s not surprising that the second game on our list is part of that group. While Trial of Fate includes classic manga characters in the cut scenes and dialogues, the gameplay graphics are of the more typical cartoony 3D type. The characters in this game are called Godesses and as you can probably guess, they’re all female. With unique stories and abilities, they offer diverse gameplay. Speaking of gameplay, it’s separated in stages in which your team of goddesses must fight against enemies that become stronger as you progress through the game. Of course, your characters are getting more powerful as well and you’ll be able to use their ultimate skills when in a pinch. 

Lego Legacy

Who doesn’t like Lego? It might be a toy company, but let’s be real, plenty of adults enjoy Lego products as well. And there’s no reason why you can’t have some fun with Lego Legacy: Heroes unboxed. It combines the familiar Lego visuals with a simple turn-based combat system. You gather a party of minifigures, each with its own unique abilities and begin your adventure in the Lego world, fighting against various enemies.

Between battles, you assemble popular sets with parts you unlock while playing and customize your team. There is plenty of extra stuff to unlock, but like most mobile games, it either takes time or money, so be prepared.


As you might have guessed from the title, things in LifeAfter are far from the cheerful environment of the Lego world. In this game, you’re struggling to survive, fending of insectoids, zombies and other remnants of a world gone sour. In your “free” time, you have to gather resources and materials to craft equipment that will make your life easier. There’s even a base-building element as part of your survival efforts, so you have all the boxes ticked. The game has a cool story mode and the graphics are top-notch. For a mobile game, there’s hardly anything else you might want from a survival RPG. A great all-around title.

Hundred Soul

Back to something more traditional, we have Hundred soul. Big swords and even bigger enemies, what more do you want from an action RPG? Well, if there’s anything else, Hundred soul probably has it. It has the usual Japanese aesthetics but the effects aren’t flashy to the point of being annoying. In fact, the game hits a great balance of giving the skills visuals that make them feel powerful without going overboard. The levels are diverse and beautifully crafted. You can change your character’s skills by unlocking new ones as you gain experience and defeat powerful bosses. With the core gameplay being so satisfying, you’re guaranteed to have hours of fun with Hundred soul.



Switching gears once more, we reach another casual RPG: Knighthood. This game is designed for portrait mode, which means you can easily play it one-handed. What’s more casual than that? Knighthood has really cool, stylized graphics that make playing the game quite enjoyable. You can customize the looks of your knight and explore different parts of the world, from dungeons to mountains, completing missions and gaining experience. As with any RPG, there’s loot to be found and powerful items to equip, but all in due time.

For fights, the game is using a turn-based combat system, which means you can stop playing at any point and tend to your real-life duties without the fear of dying in-game.

Dragalia Lost

Another RPG of the vertical variety, Dragalia Lost gives you a bit more freedom. You can control the movement of your character through the levels and swipe to attack the enemies you encounter. The game looks like a mix between Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. You can unlock characters and there are different levels of each, including a wide variety of dragons. Pick the best ones for your crew of adventurers and start slashing and dashing through the levels. Obviously, it’s not the most complex RPG out there, but for your daily commute or to kill some time, it’s perfect.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is a title you might be familiar with from one of our previous compilations. But hey, a good game is a good game! And this one is among the best. It might not have the best graphics, but the visuals compensate with creativity and style. You have an amazing open world at your disposal that easily rivals some console titles. If you’re looking for a high-paced, action-packed RPG, this game is not for you. Its soothing and relaxing atmosphere is meant to take your mind off the daily grind and into a magical world. It’s not often you get such a well thought out and executed game on mobile and for that, it deserves recognition. If you haven’t played it yet, well, what are you waiting for? Go try it out!

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