Best Buy lets you save up to $700 on the Galaxy Note 9 ahead of Black Friday

Best Buy lets you save up to $700 on the Galaxy Note 9 ahead of Black Friday
Best Buy has a bunch of the newest and hottest smartphones from the world's leading manufacturers on sale at substantial discounts through Sunday, with many other similar deals scheduled to go live in a few weeks for Black Friday, but last year's Galaxy Note 9 is notably absent from both lists.

While we'd obviously not recommend you choose Samsung's previous-gen S Pen-wielding flagship over its successor(s) in the same price ballpark, a deep enough cut can definitely make the Note 9 feel like a smart purchase ahead of the holidays. Enter a far less aggressively advertised offer from Best Buy allowing you to save up to an incredible 700 bucks on the Galaxy Note 9 today only.

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Normally priced at a whopping $1,000, the Snapdragon 845-powered 6.4-incher starts at a very reasonable $299.99 after applying this discount... with eligible carrier activation. That's the bad news, but the good news is you can choose between Verizon and Sprint and still spend $700 less than usual. Verizon customers even get the choice between coughing up the 300 bucks all at once and paying $12.49 a month for two years with installment plans. 

Keep in mind that those prices are only valid for new Verizon subscribers and existing ones looking to add a new line of service, while upgrading account holders will need to spend $400 outright or $16.66 a month for two years, which also amounts to $400. The Sprint promo is pretty much identical if you don't have a problem signing up for a monthly installment plan, while if you do, it's probably wise to pick another network.

That includes AT&T, but once again, the hefty savings are exclusively available on installment plans. You also have to settle for shaving "just" $600 off the Galaxy Note 9's list price with an AT&T account, which means you're looking at 30 monthly payments of $13.33 a pop, bringing the grand total up to around 400 bucks.

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