Android phones can now be used to authorize Google sign-ins on iPads and iPhones


Two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication, is without a doubt the best and simplest way to enhance the security of your sign-ins to various online accounts, services, and apps. Of course, the feature is made that much more convenient by adding options to your second layer of protection against phishing attacks, which is precisely what Google is doing right now... on iOS.

Since when is the search giant so concerned about the security of iPhone and iPad users? Well, mobile OS wars aside, the fact of the matter is not everyone with a Google account exclusively uses Android devices. Besides, what Google is trying to do here is improve iOS security with the help of Android phones, which sounds like a brilliant plan when you think about it.

In a nutshell, Androids can now be used as physical verification tools for Google sign-ins on iPhones or iPads. Otherwise put, you can initiate the login process from an iOS device and prevent hacking attempts by authorizing the sign-in action on an Android phone. 

You'll need to make sure both your devices have their Bluetooth connection enabled, download the Google Smart Lock app on your iPhone or iPad, use that to enter your Google username and password, then simply hold the volume down button on your Android handset after receiving a notification to complete the process.

Sounds like a relatively straightforward, fast, and painless experience, although you'll also have to actually enroll in 2SV (2-Step Verification) by adding your Google account to your Android phone (running OS version 7.0 and up), then choosing said device from a list of options found under the "Add security key" menu of your 2SV settings. 

Still, that shouldn't be too hard to do, and while we don't imagine many people carry both Android handsets and iPhones with them at all times, this new feature could come in handy for iPad users who also own an Android phone.
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