Your Apple Watch might come with a really smart wrist band in the future

Your Apple Watch might come with a really smart wrist band in the future
Patents are a bit of a paradox — they can often be about a type of innovation that is sitting somewhere on the verge of being possible and being a farfetched idea. Today's example comes from Apple, and it arguably sounds like something that leans more toward being realistic than sci-fi.

The patent describes a new type of wristband for the Apple Watch that would use the power of electrodes to sense even more accurately the user's hand gestures. Some of you might be aware that the Apple Watch has similar functionality already, one of which can be toggled in the Accessibility settings, enabling the user to stop alarms by simply squeezing their fist.

This new patent dubbed "Electrodes For Gesture Recognition" and the watch band it describes, however, go a couple of steps further, allowing the Apple Watch to detect even small movements you make with your fingers. (via AppleInsider)

Apple explains the need for such technology by stating that other alternatives like proximity sensors, cameras, touch, etc., can be clunky and restrictive. The company also brings up other accessories typically used for similar purposes such as gloves and different types of hand-held controllers but points out that they are not as socially acceptable for regular everyday use in public.

With all of this information in mind and another recent patent related to Apple Watch bands, it seems like the Cupertino-based tech giant is looking at the accessory more and more as a potential area of improvement/innovation.

It should go without saying that these are only patents meaning they cannot serve as any proof of what the company is going to do in the future, but they can serve as an indication of where its interests lie.

Apple does not mention what exactly this new tech could be used, leaving the door open for options and avoiding any potential "spoilers" that might reveal insider information about its plans for the future.

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