The Apple Watch saves two lives with one warning

The Apple Watch saves two lives with one warning
The Apple Watch has been known to save lives but according to Los Angeles CBS affiliate KCAL, the timepiece recently saved two lives at one time. 39-year-old Jess Kelly was pregnant and she explains what happened that fateful day. "I had been laying in bed ... not feeling well. I didn’t know if it was my morning sickness coming back my third trimester or if it was because I was getting my son's stomach flu,"

Kelly added, "And so, I wasn’t doing any sort of activity, so I thought it was really odd that it was telling me my heart rate was going over 120 beats per minute." With several weeks remaining before her due date, the Apple Watch continued to signal Kelly about her elevated heart rate. "It went off the first time and I thought it was strange. Then the second time maybe ten minutes later or so and then the third time, I think, was maybe a half hour or so later," Kelly said. "And when it went off the third time, I thought OK something is going on."

So Kelly drove herself to the hospital. "I literally thought I was going to die, she said. "There were so many doctors and stuff in there." When she arrived at the facility, she was in labor and had low blood pressure. Even more dangerous, she was bleeding due to a placenta abruption. This occurs when the placenta separates from the inner wall of the uterus before birth. It can prevent the baby from getting oxygen. Despite the serious complication, Kelly gave birth to a healthy baby, Shelby Marie, three hours after arriving at the hospital.

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Besides thanking the doctors and nurses at the hospital, Kelly also had kind words to say about her Apple Watch. "Listen to it. It’s not just a text message, help you find your phone alert. It’s to pay attention to it and listen to your body." Dr. Brian Kolski also recommends the Apple Watch. A cardiologist at Providence St. Joseph Hospital, he doesn’t treat Kelly but he does have patients who are prescribed Apple Watches to monitor certain heart conditions.

"Sounds like it was accurate and one of the first signs when people are in trouble, whether it’s low blood pressure, bleeding, is an elevated heart rate," Kolski said. And if you go back through  the stories that we've passed along in the past about the Apple timepiece saving a life, many times a high heart rate is the first sign spotted by the Apple Watch warning that something is amiss.

Had Kelly not been warned by her Apple Watch, both she and the baby could have died from the abruption. So in this case, the Apple Watch gets two notches on its belt for saving two lives at the same time.

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