Apple Watch reportedly gaining blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection next year

Apple Watch reportedly gaining blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection next year
A new Bloomberg report claims that Apple is currently working on big things when it comes to health care. Amongst all the changes on the roadmap required to make this happen, spawn a couple of particularly notable and helpful features possibly coming to the Apple Watch next year — Sleep Apnea detection and Blood Pressure monitoring.

According to the report, the blood pressure monitoring feature Apple is working on for the Watch will not provide exact readings, but will instead alert users to trends. This would be the first time that blood pressure has been monitored directly from the wrist, and will initially be designed to tell users if their blood pressure is trending upward. However, future versions of the system may be able to provide exact blood pressure readings and even diagnose related conditions.

The sleep apnea detection feature will use the Apple Watch's sensors to track the user's sleep patterns and breathing patterns. This information will then be used to estimate whether the user has sleep apnea, a condition in which the user's breathing stops and starts during sleep. Those who suffer from it, can eventually develop a number of health problems, including daytime fatigue, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Both of these features are expected to debut in 2024 with the newest Apple Watch, however, that's not where it ends. Apple is reportedly also working on a non-invasive glucose sensor that could be used to monitor blood sugar levels without the need for finger pricks, a paid health coach service that uses artificial intelligence and provides personalized advice, and working on turning the Vision Pro headset into a health device.

It is unclear whether Apple has plans to release all these features in all countries. However, it is clear that Apple is working on ways to make the Apple Watch an even more powerful health and fitness device.

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