You can now apply to get $25 from Apple's #batterygate settlement

You can now apply to get $25 from Apple's #batterygate settlement
"Batterygate" is probably one of the biggest scandals in Apple’s history. It started after iPhone users noticed a diminished performance of their devices after a software update. The issue quickly got traction and was seen by many as a clear sign of planned obsolescence on behalf of Apple.

Eventually, Apple admitted that the software update did indeed slow down the performance of some iPhones, but only of those with batteries that had degraded to a certain level. The goal was to exchange performance for battery life. The problem was that this was never made clear to the users and no choice was given to them whether or not to activate the new “feature”.

Soon after that, in 2017, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple, seeking compensation for users affected by changes made by Apple. Earlier this year, almost three years later, the saga's end came in sight. Apple agreed to settle the case and pay between $310 million and $500 million to eligible individuals.

Now, you can finally apply for your small part of that pile of cash. To do that, you must submit a claim on the settlement’s page, spotted by MacRumors. You qualify…

“If you are or were a U.S. owner of an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and/or SE device that ran iOS 10.2.1 or later before December 21, 2017, and/or a U.S. owner of an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus device that ran iOS 11.2 or later before December 21, 2017, you could be entitled to benefits under a class action settlement.”

According to the settlement notice, the payment will be approximately $25 per eligible device. The exact amount depends on the total number of claims. If you qualify, you have until October 6 2020 to submit your claim.

It’s important to highlight that the settlement doesn’t mean Apple admits guilt. In fact, the company states exactly the opposite but has agreed to settle to "avoid burdensome and costly litigation."

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Still, $500 million is enough money to make every company reconsider its practices. As a result, Apple will likely be more transparent in the future when making changes via software updates.

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