Not so smart airport worker steals $15K in valuables and an AirTag which leads cops to him

Not so smart airport worker steals $15K in valuables and an AirTag which leads cops to him
You are probably familiar with Apple's AirTags tracking device. Used in conjunction with the FindMy app, the AirTags are supposed to be used to track your items like a bicycle, a purse, luggage (more on that later), musical instruments, and even your dog. On the other hand, they have been used to stalk others, track cars to be stolen, and in other illegal ways that Apple never intended them to be used for.

Bottom line: the AirTags can do plenty of good things; it all depends on the type of person that owns them. A press release was issued last week by the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) detailing the arrest of 19-year-old Giovanni De Luca who faces two counts of grand theft. De Luca worked as a subcontractor at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport and apparently had access to travelers' luggage.

Last month, a suitcase containing items valued at $1,600 went missing as it never arrived at its destination. An AirTag left in the suitcase indicated that the tracker was in the area of Kathy Court in Mary Esther. Less than a week ago, another traveler reported that more than $15,000 worth of jewelry and other items had been stolen from his luggage. With the AirTag from the stolen baggage located in Kathy Court, deputies went through a list of airport workers living in that area and came across De Luca's name.

Deputies for OSCO scheduled a meeting with De Luca at his home in Kathy Court. During the meeting, the valuables worth $15,000 that were missing from the second victim's luggage were recovered and De Luca admitted to going through the first victim's luggage and taking the Apple AirTag that was inside it. That move might have led to his arrest since it gave deputies an area to start investigating and they came across his name. Besides the AirTag, other belongings from that bag have yet to be found.

Sheriff Eric Aden, from the OCSO said, "This arrest is an example of excellent teamwork by our Airport Security Unit, our Investigators, and the Airport to find the person responsible for these thefts and make sure he is held responsible." Luckily, De Luca apparently was not up on the latest technologies since it doesn't seem to have crossed his mind that his location could be tracked by that round coin-like thing with the Apple logo that he found in the first suitcase.

So chalk up a win for technology. Tech: 1 Dumb Criminal: 0.

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