Anti-tracking feature shows up in iOS 14.4 beta

Anti-tracking feature shows up in iOS 14.4 beta
The feature coming to iOS that Facebook is up in arms about is beginning to surface in the iOS 14.4 beta. Once the stable version of the update has been disseminated, iOS users will receive prompts from certain apps asking them for permission to track their visits to other sites and apps. This data is collected by apps like Facebook and used to send customized advertisements to iOS users. These ads bring in more revenue to firms like Facebook since they are targeted and perhaps more likely to result in a sale for the advertiser.

Last week, Facebook published full page ads in several big city newspapers that accused Apple of hurting small businesses with its new feature. According to AppleInsider, iPhone users who have updated their device to iOS 14.4 beta 1 have started to receive prompts asking whether or not they are giving permission to companies like Facebook to track where they go on the internet. Most iOS users would be expected not to give permission to be tracked since it would be an attack on their privacy and could result in a large increase in the number of advertisements received.

One user running the iOS 14.4 beta posted an image of the permission prompt that says, "Allow 'NBA' to track your activity across other companies' apps and websites? Your data will be used to provide you a better and personalized ad experience." There are two possible responses to choose from: "Ask App not to Track" or "Allow." While it appears on the iOS 14.4 beta, the stable version of the build is expected to debut at the beginning of next year.

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