Android Messages desktop client is almost ready for prime time

It's amazing how much can be uncovered by digging through the code of Android app updates. A couple of months ago, the folks over at XDA discovered evidence in on of the then-recent updates for Android Messages, suggesting that a desktop client for the service is in the works. The code hinted at compatibility with all major desktop browsers, rather than a stand-alone app, but the feature was too early in development to give us a better idea of what to expect.

The feature seems to have been further fleshed-out since then, with the Android side of things seemingly almost ready for prime time, as XDA has discovered that Google Account linking is already up and running. Once the feature goes live, you'll be able to link your phone to your computer by scanning a QR code on your phone. Texting itself won't be relegated to a stand-alone app, as far as we can tell, but will be browser-based.

The site you'll have to visit to use the desktop client is likely, which is also the page you'll be getting the QR code from. The page currently 404s, but it's an actual subdomain, whereas it didn't exist before, XDA reports.

Seeing as how the Android side of the implementation seems complete, the desktop client shouldn't be too far off either. In fact, it's likely just a matter of Google flipping the switch at this point.

source: XDA



1. bucknassty

Posts: 1374; Member since: Mar 24, 2017

.... so I'll assume the answer to my question will be no, but ... will this work with 3rd party apps like textra???

10. ZodiacKiller013

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 16, 2018

I doubt it. I'm thinking this will only work as another chat service like hangouts, Allo, etc. but with the exception of having SMS built in. Until all phone carriers implement the Universal RCS profile, Textra will just continue to work as is. Basically a Textra MMS video sending to Android messages will still look like garbage, unfortunately :( Hopefully i'm wrong on this.

11. bucknassty

Posts: 1374; Member since: Mar 24, 2017

why.... WHY is it taking so long to implement RCS??? at this point i'd pay a monthly fee for imessage. I personally like android more but damn when i'm able to use imessage features on my work phone its a nice platform.... google cant get their shi* straight and i thought hangouts would be the answer (although a horrible name)

13. Marcwand3l

Posts: 461; Member since: May 08, 2017

I'm in Europe and nobody cares about imessage here. Whatsapp or Messenger are just as nice but way more popular and platform agnostic.

2. libra89

Posts: 2318; Member since: Apr 15, 2016

Ooh this sounds interesting.

3. KingSam

Posts: 1505; Member since: Mar 13, 2016

I message killer? Just make it seamless. And send over internet instead of sms only.

4. ibap

Posts: 871; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

Sounds like the extension of what Hangouts and a Google Voice number have permitted for years.

5. Rager722 unregistered

This is wayyyy overdue.

6. speedingcheetah

Posts: 93; Member since: Jul 22, 2017

Messages has no Black theme.....until then....not interested.

12. bucknassty

Posts: 1374; Member since: Mar 24, 2017

not understanding why it doesn't have a higher level of customization... thats what android is about!

7. Crispin_Gatieza

Posts: 3168; Member since: Jan 23, 2014

Microsoft and Apple are clearly ahead of Google on this front. Imagine, a Windows phone has had for years something an Android doesn't.

14. Marcwand3l

Posts: 461; Member since: May 08, 2017

Microsoft is dead in mobile from an OS perspective and Apple's solution is platform blocked so irrelevant for the majority of people. I live in Europe and nobody cares about imessage here.

8. tbacba

Posts: 134; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

Does this mean it would also finally be available on a tablet?

9. MartyK

Posts: 1043; Member since: Apr 11, 2012

How about Rcs capabilities?

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