Google pushes out the last Android 13 Developer Preview with the first beta release coming next month

Google pushes out the last Android 13 Developer Preview with the first beta release coming next mont
What is perhaps the last Developer Preview before Android 13 beta releases are disseminated was released yesterday by Google for the Pixel 4 and newer. Those of you who already installed the first Developer Preview should soon receive an over-the-air update that can be installed by simply going to Settings > System > System update and following the prompts.

The last Android 13 Developer Preview before the beta versions are released has been dropped

Among the changes are a new notification screen, a redesigned media player with some album art included, and a name change to Do Not Disturb which is now called Priority mode after the update. Shortcuts for power and settings are not only easier to find on Android 13 DP2, it is also easier to reach on devices with larger screens. And the split-screen feature seen on Android 12L is making its way to Android 13 although at the moment it is quite buggy.

While not available on every app yet, language settings for individual apps appear on Android 13 DP2. And new colors are employed for Material You which could satisfy those who aren't pleased with the Art Deco pastel hues that Google initially favored for the design language.

Another useful feature on Android 13 DP2 allows users to see which apps are running in the background using a feature called "Active Apps." When turned on, the feature will show a pop-up screen with the name of those apps running in the background. Users will be able to stop these apps from their clandestine operations in order to allow Android to use its capabilities somewhere else.

We certainly do not suggest that those who use their Pixel 4 or later download and install the Developer Preview because it is far from stable and the features that you count on when using your Pixel might temporarily be disabled. And once we are on the Android 13 beta track, we would still stay away until Platform Stability is reached with the June and July Android 13 beta releases (the first beta will be disseminated next month).

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As we pointed out earlier, those who already got their feet wet by installing the first Developer Preview will soon be able to install DP2 via an OTA update. But to prevent John Q. Public and his wife Jane Z Public from sticking their Pixels where they don't belong, the initial update to the Developer Preview platform must be done via manual download or by flashing it.

Some of the above features might not make the cut and won't appear on Android 13

Not only are these only some of the changes spotted, some of these might not make the cut to the final version of Android 13. Speaking of which, we will hear plenty more about Android 13 during Google I/O 2022. The company just released the dates for the developer conference which will start on May 11th and end on May 12th. A limited live audience made up of Googlers and partners will be permitted to attend for free.

The rest of us will get the opportunity to watch the festivities streamed live. Traditionally, Google has released an app in the Play Store for those who couldn't make the event or afford the pricey tickets.

In the past, Google used to charge steep prices to attend Google I/O and it could get away with it because a free device would be handed out to attendees. For example, at Google I/O 2010, Google handed out a free Motorola DROID or Nexus One to those who paid to get in. Both devices were among the top Android handsets at the time. The following year Google gave 5,000 I/O 2011 attendees a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and many of these later showed up on eBay.

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