Analyst believes the iPhone SE 4 2024 release may get canceled or delayed

Reputable analyst believes the iPhone SE 4 may get canceled or delayed
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We've been hearing some things recently about the fourth generation of a budget-friendly iPhone, the iPhone SE 4. Things were getting exciting when rumors pointed out it could copy the iPhone XR design and show up with a bigger screen... however, a reputable industry analyst is now casting some doubt on when we're actually going to see the iPhone SE 4 (and if).

Apple might cancel or postpone iPhone SE 4 mass production reportedly planned for 2024, according to Kuo

Reputable industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now taken to Twitter to share what his recent estimations (and survey results) show about the next-gen affordable iPhone. He believes Cupertino may be reconsidering the iPhone SE 4 and may cancel or postpone its mass production. Earlier, it was believed the phone will be released in 2024, but it seems it may not happen exactly like that. According to the insider, this could be due to lower-end iPhone models getting fewer sales than Apple'd like.

Of course, as with anything that's a rumor or a leak you should take it with a grain of salt, as Apple is quite secretive about its devices and plans, and nothing will be 100% certain before the actual official release of a device.

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There are three main reasons that Kuo underlines as possible points why Apple would consider canceling or postponing the release of the iPhone SE 4 for 2024. First off, we have the one we mentioned earlier, the fact that sales on lower-tier iPhones are not as great as Apple would probably want them to be.

It's no secret that the iPhone SE from 2022 didn't get as much attention or sales as probably expected. The same happened with the iPhone 13 mini, and even the iPhone 14 Plus.

On the other hand, Kuo also believes the change in plans for the iPhone SE 4 could be due to the larger screen that the device will reportedly have. A larger 6.1-inch screen could mean the cost of the phone will go up, and the same will have to reflect in the selling price.

That's why Kuo thinks Apple will be reconsidering the placement of the iPhone SE 4 on the market. After all, it is supposed to be a budget-friendly, affordable iPhone, and you can just sell it for a mid-range price and still advertise it as "affordable".

And the last point Kuo makes in his tweet is that Apple may be trying to alleviate expenses that come with a new product design and production. This, he believes, could be related to a more challenging economic situation that's predicted for 2023.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean we won't see an iPhone SE 4. It could only get delayed, or get released later than expected. There's of course the chance Apple will decide to not make it... but there's also the possibility that Cupertino will go with it and surprise Kuo and other analysts. We'll just have to wait and see about that one!

iPhone SE 4 rumored specs and design

As we already mentioned, the iPhone SE 4 has spent some time in the rumor mill in the past couple of months. In October, reputable analyst Ross Young shared what he believed could be some of the specs the phone may rock.

He talked about the design being inspired by the iPhone XR from 2018 (the current iPhone SE, which is technically iPhone SE 3, has the iPhone 8 design). This means the 4 would get a 6.1-inch screen and a notch, and probably ditch the home button and fingerprint scanning for Face ID. (or, other rumors suggest the fingerprint scanner could be embedded in the power button).

As for a possible release date, it was somewhat expected the iPhone SE 4 to see the light of an official announcement around March or April 2024 (usually, Apple released budget-friendly iPhone SE models in the spring). And so far, that's mostly what we've heard about the phone. For now, we'll have to wait and see what more to expect from it. Stay tuned!

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