Amazon warehouse workers may keep their cell phones on the floor after the tornado tragedy

Amazon Rethinks Warehouse Cell Phone Ban in Wake of Tornado
When the coronavirus pandemic hit the economy and increased the share of online shopping to unforeseen heights, Amazon management allowed its warehouse workers to keep their phones on them in case of emergency calls, messages, or state warning systems communication. 

Previously, Amazon warehouse employees were required to leave their phones outside of the premises when they began their shift, like in their cars or in lockers near the break rooms. With the pandemic restrictions abating, Amazon planned to reinstitute the ban on cell phones as early as next month. 

According to workers who wanted to remain anonymous before Bloomberg, some warehouse shift managers already started introducing to gauge the employee reaction, and see if a renewed ban would increase absenteeism. 

After the deadly tornado that decimated the warehouse in Edwardsville, IL and let to the death of Amazon employees, the company is reconsidering its decision to return the floor cell phone ban, and insiders tip the matter is now deemed "fluid."

Amazon employees who work in the area are adamant that the cell phone ban on the warehouse floor should not be reinstituted, and that's the main takeaway from the tornado tragedy. They want to be able to receive urgent messages from officials or first responders, or communicate with friends and family in case another such disaster strikes again. For now, an Amazon spokesperson has advised that all employees can take their phones on the floor, and there are no current restrictions.

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