YouTube's new API forces third party Windows Phone apps to update

YouTube's new API forces third party Windows Phone apps to update
YouTube has changed its supported API to version 3 from version 2. This has forced certain Windows Phone powered YouTube apps like MetroTube to push out an update to support the new API, or face the prospect of not working. MetroTube's latest update to version does allow the app to connect to the new API, which means that subscribers will be able to use the app.

In addition to MetroTube, another YouTube app for the Windows Phone platform called myTube is also going through an update (to version so that it can use the new YouTube API. With the update, myTube now allows users to read comment reply threads, annotations and subtitles.

There is no official Google provided YouTube app on Windows Phone. The last time a YouTube client was offered for the platform, Google forced it to be shut down because Microsoft blocked the ads that play before some of the videos. Google also is negatively affecting Windows Phone third party YouTube apps with the new YouTube API. The latter no longer allows users to see on a search result, the number of views a video has. Also no longer available are related videos, recommendations and subscriptions.

Third party YouTube sites that haven't updated to support the new API will show users a video like the one embedded below.

Video Thumbnail

source: MetroTube (WindowsPhone), myTube (WindowsPhone) via WMPoweruser

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