YouTube Music working on a feature that lets you upvote playlists

YouTube Music working on a feature that lets you upvote playlists
YouTube Music seems to be working on a nice little addition to its feature set. The app will reportedly be getting an option that allows users to upvote their favorite playlists. Right now, YouTube Music displays the total number of plays on a playlist, but it doesn't indicate in any way of its reception by other people.

The folks over at Android Authority have dug into YouTube Music's code and have found references of this feature. Of course, this feature is in development and it may or may not make it as an official release.

The discovered code refers to what seems like a setting for allowing for voting on a playlist. The setting appears to have the option for you to allow everyone to vote, or collaborators only, or to disable voting.

YouTube Music's rival, Spotify, offers a similar feature, displaying a "save" count on playlists (used to be a "like" count until recently). However, YouTube Music's feature seems to give you more control.

The feature isn't out yet and we don't know when it will be publicly available. However, the code appears to be in place, so it might get activated sooner or later. It's not clear if these upvotes will reflect search rankings for these playlists, but it's likely that it will influence them.

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