You can now play Super Mario Run at Apple Stores in the U.S.


Starting December 8, Nintendo will have Super Mario Run demos running at Apple Stores in the United States. A week ahead of the game's December 15 launch, Nintendo president of America Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on The Tonight Show to make the announcement and let Jimmy Fallon demo Nintendo's first real crack at mobile gaming.

The demo showed off some of Super Mario Run's game modes, including the core Kingdom Builder mode, where players can unlock new regions by collecting coins and customize them with decorations. Fallon was visibly excited to step into the shoes of the Mickey Mouse of gaming, although that may have been in part due to legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto's in the studio, as well as the fact he got to play the latest Zelda game on Nintendo's upcoming hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. While the host demoed Super Mario Run, he managed to collect 7 out of 10 special coins, exclaiming in the end, “7 out of 10, I'm bummed out!“

Super Mario Run is going to be Nintendo's first real attempt at releasing a mobile game. It is one of three more titles planed for release in 2017. The full version of Super Mario Run will cost $9.99, but the game will also have a limited version available for free. There will be no in-app purchases present, per se – you can either play the free version or pay the fixed price of version with all content included. Super Mario Run will launch on December 15 as a timed iOS exclusive.

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