Yet another vendor is selling Verizon's Palm Pixi Plus for $49.99 no-contract

Yet another vendor is selling Verizon's Palm Pixi Plus for $49.99 no-contract
Although it might not have been thought of being as a shock when the Palm Pixi Plus was seen missing from Verizon's lineup recently, but when we see the handset being sold relatively cheap online, it's not too surprising that other retailers would soon do the same thing.

With less than 8 hours left, one online retailer is selling the webOS powered Palm Pixi Plus for the incredible price of $49.99 no-contract. Yeah, you heard that right, this is a brand new smartphone that's selling for dirt cheap without any contracts required! Come to think about it more, this doesn't necessarily happen on a daily basis since most devices carry at least a $200 price tag if you want to buy them without signing an agreement.

The 88 percent savings you're receiving from this special offer is undoubtedly amazing, so you'd better place your order now before the countdown reaches zero.

source: 1saleaday via PreCentral

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Pixi Plus
  • Display 2.6" 320 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core
  • Storage 8 GB



1. Vick unregistered

This phone should be free on contract with a $20 rebate.

2. tool unregistered

vick, what are you smoking? the pixi+ is selling at a *no contract* price - get it? No. Contract.

3. Vick unregistered

tool, what part of this phone should be free and come with a rebate? get it? free, and a rebate.

4. CallCenter unregistered

Should come no contract price of free from Verizon with $30 bill credit per month for data plan

5. Morgan Stacy unregistered

I agree. $49 is still too much for this phone. The specs are really terrible plus the support is also pretty bad. Not too mention the lack of apps and whatnot. If you want a dumbphone you'd be better off just getting a dumbphone.

6. Chris Steel unregistered

The Palm Pixi sucks. Even if this phone was free and had a rebate I still wouldn't want it haha

7. Wayne-TG unregistered

Software: love it Hardware: hate it

8. Jon21 unregistered

I like all the thumbs down. Obviously we have some WebOS fanboys who can't take the criticism of WebOS. LOL

9. Zorin

Posts: 152; Member since: Jul 26, 2010

This phone should be given to C. Manson to use.

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