Yes, the elderly can use the Apple iPhone thanks to Silverline apps

Yes, the elderly can use the Apple iPhone thanks to Silverline apps
Just because you are elderly doesn't mean that you can't be hip and own a smartphone like the Apple iPhone 5. It's like 23-Skidoo and the bee's knees all over again. The elderly have probably received a bum rap when it comes to cellphones. You've probably seen the ad on television where one older twin is so excited about his new feature(less)phone that he is on cloud 9 and can't wait to tell his brother about it. Give someone like that a smartphone and his head would explode.

But there are some elderly who would really like a chance to see what the fuss is all about. They just got through mastering this PC thing and while they still use Yahoo for search, well, they should have an opportunity to try an Apple iPhone. And that is why the Silverline apps exist. These are apps that replace the native buttons and controls on the Apple iPhone and can be placed on the handset by specific carriers. For example, the "connect app" replaces the iPhone's contacts list with large photos of each contact and bigger sized buttons for easier navigation. The "Well-Being" app can set a reminder when it is time to take your meds and the "Emergency" button is your one press connection to the cops or medical help for those times when you've fallen and can't get up.

The company, based in Singapore, wants to keep the elderly connected to the rest of the world. And why not let them stay young by carrying around a young man's handset? While the service is not available yet in the states, we wouldn't be surprised to see an enterprising carrier deciding to give Silverline a shot. Besides, the elderly are more apt to pay their bills on time. Hear that, carriers? For more information on the program, visit the sourcelink.

source: Silverline via TUAW

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