Xiaomi says it will soon solve the most important questions in life

Xiaomi says it will soon solve the most important questions in life
What are the most important questions that you face in life? Whatever they are, Xiaomi is about to solve them. At least, that is what the company says in a teaser posted by the upstart manufacturer's Brand Marketing Director on his Weibo account. The teaser says "Next week, there will be a few surprises from Xiaomi, which are going to solve life’s most important questions."

Considering that the teaser also shows a photograph of someone fanning out a decent amount of Chinese currency, we don't need a piano to fall on our heads to understand that Xiaomi's announcement next week has to do with money. More specifically, the ability of consumers in China to afford buying smartphones.

One possibility is that the company is about to go into the business of financing new phone purchases, or will offer some tantalizingly low-priced deals. This might be something that is needed in China considering the state of the economy in the country. Making its handsets more affordable in China, or loaning money to those who want to buy them, could be a win-win for Xiaomi. It not only allows the company to continue pushing out inventory, if done right it also could generate quite a lot of good will in the country.

If the most important question you have in life is "How can I afford that brand new Xiaomi handset?," you will have your answer next week.

source: Weibo via XiaomiToday


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