Xiaomi confirms unprecedented 4100 mAh battery for the 5" Redmi 3

Xiaomi is not taking any chances with its most popular line of phones, it seems, as it just confirmed that it has indeed equipped the upcoming Redmi 3 with a 4000+ mAh battery, just as was tipped by analysts. The battery capacity inside will be 4100 mAh, to be precise, and Xiaomi divulged on its Weibo account that the company is using a new technology that allows for almost double the energy density in the same footprint. 

This means that the Redmi 3, about to be unveiled January 12th, will still be relatively slim (8.5 mm are speculated), while hosting a battery that will easily get you through at least two days on a charge, given the phone's specs.

Those specs are nothing to sniff at, too, with a 5" HD display, Snapdragon 616 chipset, and a 13 MP/5 MP camera combo all rumored to be in the Redmi 3. Perhaps the coolest thing about the future Xiaomi blockbuster, however, besides the huge battery, is its design. While it continues the metal chassis trend set by its larger sibling the Redmi Note 3, and started by juggernauts like Samsung last year, it adds a little aesthetic twist that we hope will look as good in real life, as it does in the teaser poster supplied here.

The Redmi 3 will apparently sport a plaid pattern on the back, which adds that extra styling that we are usually clamoring for in our handsets. Besides looking the part, the etched pattern will potentially aid the grip, too, as metal phones often feel rather slippery in the hand if their finish is not up to snuff. What do you think, has the Redmi 3 caught your interest now that Xiaomi confirmed the unprecedented battery capacity for this screen size that it managed to fit inside?

source: Xiaomi

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