Would your rather have a smartwatch or a super-tiny backup smartphone?

Would your rather have a smartwatch or a super-tiny backup smartphone?
So, nowadays, the standard for a smartphone screen is somewhere around 5.1 inches, pushing on 5.5 in some markets. Bigger and bigger smartphones are consistently more popular because... well, a bigger screen is more convenient to use and you get more room for powerful hardware in a large husk.

Of course, with a huge phablet in your pocket, especially one that has a glass back, it becomes a tedious task to take it out of your pocket for every received notification. And what if you want to hit the gym? Surely, you don't want to have a slippery, heavy phablet in your sweatpants when rolling through the different machines.

Thankfully, we have smartwatches. Some support Bluetooth connectivity to our smartphones and let us read and even reply to notifications without needing to reach for our phone. There are even those that have GSM capabilities, so you can literally leave your phone at home and still be reachable by the outside world.

But smartwatch software is sort of limited and wrapped around in its own bubble. It's not the complete smartphone experience in a small package. With the Jelly Phone, which was Kickstarter-funded and launched last year, you can literally get yourself a very small backup device and carry it anywhere, as it's so light and portable.

And on the iOS side, you can always grab an old iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c, which are quite tiny and light by today's standards, set up call forwarding for when you are using your main phone in the house and rock that.

So, what would you rather have? A smartwatch or a tiny backup phone?

Smartwatch or tiny backup smartphone?

Smartwatch all the way!
Tiny smartphone!
My smartphone is compact enough, thanks
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