Would you sacrifice wireless charging for a bigger battery?

Would you sacrifice wireless charging for a bigger battery?
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The question might seem out of the blue but there’s a method to the madness here. Last week I had the opportunity to test and review the Asus ZenFone 7 Pro. Among all the unconventional choices made by the Taiwanese company in this flagship device, one stood out like a suspicious 5G tower. There was no wireless charging present, as a trade-off for putting in that huge 5000 mAh battery. This made me wonder what would I prefer in a phone - a bigger battery or wireless charging capabilities?

Now, I can state my personal preferences here and they might not mean much but I’ll take it one step further and ask all of you. Would you sacrifice the comfort to not deal with cables for pure endurance? Or it’s too much of a trade-off? Vote in the poll below and show us how all the manufacturers got it wrong… or not.

Would you sacrifice wireless charging for a bigger battery?

Give me a huge battery!
I don't want to deal with cables!

For me, personally, wireless charging has always been too slow. My daily driver supports 40W wired fast charging and I’m rather spoiled. I charge my phone when it drops below 20% and a 30-minute session with the charger results in almost 100% battery. Throwing the phone on a charging pad and waiting for it to charge up just takes forever. I’d rather spend two extra seconds and plug in the phone. So yeah, If it was up to me, I’d go for the bigger battery any day.

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