Would you rather buy second hand, refurbished, or always go for new phones?

Would you rather buy second hand, refurbished, or always go for new phones?
Top-tier smartphones are not cheap! That's a fact, especially since the industry broke past the $650 threshold in recent times and now has smartphones selling for $900 and even $1000. But, nowadays, we do have an amazing collection of websites and dealerships that help us grab a deal. Either a second-hand phone from a classified ad or a refurbished one for a certified reseller — there's always a place to go to bargain-hunt.

But, of course, there are always downsides. Waiting for an item to pop up on the second-hand market for a reasonable price takes a decent amount of time, even more on the refurbished storefront. There's limited warranty, if any, and you have to live with scrapes and scratches that somebody else left on your newly-acquired phone.

But, you know — a bargain is always a bargain. So, would you rather buy new, refurbished, or second hand (from a private seller)?

Do you prefer to go brand new or second hand?

Brand new
Certified refurbished
Second-hand (private auction / classified ads)
Brand new, but last year's model!


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