Would you bet the house on the HTC 10 being a success?


Once you hit rock bottom, there's no place to go but up, they say. And after hitting an all-time low of just $1.38 per share towards the end of 2015, HTC has seen some recovery in the price of its stock, at least partially due to the success of its Vive VR headset. And while Vive so far appears to be the win that HTC was desperate for, in less than 30 hours, we'll get our first clue as to whether its reeling smartphone division can hope for the same. What happens in "less than 30 hours", you wonder? The HTC 10, that's what—the company's upcoming flagship refresh on the HTC One M9. 

It would have been hard for you to miss the panoply of HTC 10-related official teasers and leaks. Indeed, both HTC's marketing machine and the rumor mill has been spinning at full throttle these past few weeks, so much so that we feel like we already know most of what there is to know about it. Hopefully, we're wrong, but the fact is that everything from design, through software, and down to the hardware inside, the HTC 10 is, seemingly, anything but a mystery. Still, it'll be down to whether these otherwise oh-so-important pieces are fused together holistically that will decide its fate.

We don't own a horse in this race, however, and we doubt you do either. So we're free to speak our mind, based on what we've seen and believe so far. Given all this information—whether from official or shady channels—how do you think the HTC 10 is shaping? Would you bet the house on it being a success? HTC really needs a win on the mobile front, after all, and if the 10 isn't it, it's not impossible to imagine that the pioneer of Android would be in trouble.

Would you bet the house on the HTC 10 being a success?

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I wouldn't
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