Windows Phones go Bollywood with a trio of new Mango handsets and localized Marketplace

Windows Phones go Bollywood with a trio of new Mango handsets and localized Marketplace
Microsoft has officially launched Windows Phone in India with localized Marketplace, voice recognition support and a trio of Windows Phone handsets to back the launch up - the HTC Radar, Samsung Omnia W, and Acer Allegro.

The Acer Allegro is reportedly the cheapest of the bunch, and Acer recently announced it will sell it in Europe for roughly $400 sans contract, such will be the price in India as well. The HTC Radar will be offered first and it will go for $490 before carrier subsidies, while the Samsung Omnia W and the Acer Allegro will follow suit in November.

India is a huge market with many millions of potential customers, and Nokia has a pretty strong presence there, so Microsoft can capitalize on its popularity to peddle its whole Windows Phone portfolio when the Nokia WP handsets hit later this year. Most of the people can only afford basic feature phones, but with over one billion people, the country is sure to bring in some revenue for Windows Phone manufacturers.

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3. ankit@@ unregistered

i do agree the nokia is the the most trusted brand in india but they disappointed with xpress music series and only the sucessor was n8 as indian market has increasing growth of android noika wont survive they have to bring some more efforts to back in the market they would suceed if they would 1 price the wp7 at 10 t0 15000 bucks 2good marketing 3 good combination of wp7 store as there is no market available for wp7 in india

2. anirudhshirsat97

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no doubt about that 9/10 people i knw swear by nokia...even with my sgs2 i still miss my nokia n series days.. Nokia is definately one of the most trusted brands in India and that very trust will lead to sales of there win7 phones, heck i might get one myself..

1. ADMIRAL unregistered

Microsoft is on the right track; Nokia is one of India's most trusted brands. We can help improve windows phone, check the windows phone website or check this:

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